Give generously to Catholic Relief Services Collection

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

On the Fourth Sunday of Lent, our diocese will take up the Catholic Relief Services Collection.  The Catholic Relief Services collection funds six Catholic agencies that work to serve “Jesus in disguise,” in our suffering brothers and sisters around the world. Through their efforts for humanitarian aid, resettling displaced individuals and families, and advocating on behalf of victims, this collection offers you the opportunity to experience solidarity with the world’s poor, and to make an additional Lenten almsgiving.

For example, in Niger, changes in climate in western Africa are adversely affecting poor and rural farmers. No matter how hard these farmers work, droughts are shortening the rainy season, leaving harvests too small to support families and communities. Your support of the CRSC is helping connect businesses that provide drought-resistant seeds to these communities. These new relationships are providing hope to these communities for a sustainable future.

Your charity makes such a mission possible. In the Lenten spirit of sacrifice and solidarity, please consider a generous contribution to the Catholic Relief Services Collection. Your support truly makes a difference.

Your brother in Christ, 

Most Reverend R. Walker Nickless
Bishop of Sioux City

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