Sing out: Holy Cross School creates Carpool Karaoke


After hearing the company where her brother works did Carpool Karaoke, Lisa Froehlich thought it would be a good idea for the teachers and staff at Holy Cross School in Sioux City to do the same.

“I showed my coworkers here and thought we need to do one,” said the first grade teacher at Holy Cross-St. Michael. “The biggest thing we wanted was to have Father (David Hemann) involved as well.”

The teachers and staff took turns riding in the van driven by Froehlich and sang about 10 songs along the way. She circled St. Michael Church for about an hour to get all of the songs filmed.

To choose the songs, Froehlich created a Google document and shared it with the Holy Cross staff. They picked songs and decided who would sing which one.

Creative support

Meg Kofmehl, a Holy Cross middle school teacher, was among the 20-some participants who joined in on the lip-singing fun.

“The staff and teachers here at Holy Cross are such a fun, energetic group that is always looking for new creative ways to show our passion for the mission of Catholic schools,” she said. “When I heard there was a chance to lip sing with them, I couldn’t miss the opportunity.”

Kofmehl thought this was a great opportunity for them to share their dedication for the faith of the students in their school with the help of Father Hemann.

The priest played his guitar and sang along to the songs Walk on Water and Sanctuary. The first is an original song written by Father Hemann, which received the Best Praise and Worship Album Award from the CVMA in 2007.

“I wrote it in response to someone who just lost their husband,” said the pastor of St. Michael Church, Sioux City. “I was praying with them. I sensed God was giving her a word. The word was, ‘My daughter because you have kept your eyes on me you have been able to walk on water.’ That came out of an experience of struggle and finding courage to do the impossible.”

In the video, Father Hemann put into context why “we do Catholic education. We train our kids to walk on water to the best of their ability.”

“He shared a great message about our commitment and responsibility as educators and parents in the Catholic schools to help guide our students and children in their faith journey,” said Kofmehl.

The rest of the songs, Father Hemann said are joyfully celebrating the faith, though they are not really faith songs.

“I enjoyed the community and celebrating our faith together,” he said. “It is exciting to know that we as a community can share our faith with the wider community. It is great to have fun, laugh and enjoy one another.”

Final product, feedback

The final product of all of the videos was compiled by Patrick Demers, a freshman at Heelan High School.

“He was very instrumental,” said Froehlich. “We hooked up my cell phone to the sunroof, which is how you could see the back part of the car. Patrick brought a video camera to tape to my dash to see the passenger and the driver.”

Kofmehl thinks Demers’ work was “remarkable.”

“It’s fun to watch and our students have enjoyed watching it and finding their past, current and future teachers throughout the video,” she added.

According to Froehlich, the feedback has all been positive. She said parents are “loving the video and seeing how much fun we have. It has been really good, fun feedback.”

“It is nice to see the teachers are more than just sitting there teaching,” said Froehlich. “They can have fun and create fun environment for their students. It was fun to see the teachers’ personalities come out.”

Kofmehl’s roommates ended up seeing the final product before she did and her mom shared the video with her relatives.

“They all love it,” she said. “The students were really the most excited to see it because they love to see their teachers packed in a car rocking out to songs they know. They have asked me where I learned my dance moves since then.”

To view the Holy Cross Carpool Karaoke video, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0z86-ELCktk.

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